Woods and Stream 400gr insulated 8″ Flyway Boots now available in Northern Michigan, at Jacks Sport Shop Kalkaska MI, about 17mi from Traverse City

Woods and Stream 400gr insulated 8″ Flyway Boots now available in Northern Michigan, at Jacks Sport Shop Kalkaska MI, about 17mi from Traverse City

400gr insulated 8″ Flyway Moc Creme color Plain Toe


 Well, it’s gotta be lightweight, flexible and ready to move. Cushioned for all day action and waterproof breathable to keep your feet dry and less susceptible to blisters. And of course, full-grain leather uppers that only seem to get better over time. Put it all together, and you’ve got yourself the Wood ‘N’Stream™ Flyway… one heckuva good Upland Boot.

Offers You:

  • Saffron Leather uppers
  • Waterproof breathable construction
  • Removable polyurethane insole
  • Rubber midsole
  • Goodyear welt construction
  • Cellular wedge rubber outsole design
  • Light Brown with Creme wedge. 30 ozs. each.

Ladies Mucks Boots Arctic Weekend Now Available at Jacks Sport Shop in Northern Michigan, Kalkaska about 17mi from Traverse City

Muck Boot Women's Arctic Weekend Rain Boot - Dick's Sporting Goods

Ladies Muck Boots now available at Jacks Sport Shop in Northern Michigan, Kalkaska located about 17mi from Traverse City

Boot Features:

Stretch- fit Top Line binding snugs calf to keep warmth in and cold out

5mm CR Flex-foam bootie wich provides optimal warmth

100% waterproofing

Fleece Lining

Lightweight cushioned EVA midsole

And Multipurpose rubber outsole for optimal traction and stabality

Available in Purple and Black, also Maroon and Black please Call (231) 258- 8892 for price and size info.  Thanks

It’s firearm deer season: Expect delays on northbound I-75 and I-675 through Saginaw County

_52B3278It’s firearm deer season: Expect delays on
northbound I-75 and I-675 through Saginaw County


COUNTY: Saginaw


HIGHWAYS: I-75 and I-675



START DATE: Friday, Nov. 15, 2013


ESTIMATED END DATE: Saturday, Nov. 30, 2013



Firearm deer hunters heading up north this season are reminded that northbound I-75 remains detoured to northbound I-675 in Saginaw County, with two lanes open. Traffic delays are expected and motorists are advised to allow extra time. Southbound I-75 motorists will have three lanes open in that area.


Overall, MDOT is reconstructing 4 miles of I-75, as well as replacing bearing pads on the Zilwaukee Bridge, in Saginaw County, during the 2013 construction season.


There also is ongoing construction on the southbound I-675 ramp to southbound I-75. This work requires traffic shifts in both directions on I-75. MDOT expects the work to be completed by late November.


MDOT also is reminding drivers and hunters to play it safe on the roads during firearm deer season. Deer are on the run this time of year, particularly between the hours of sunset and sunrise. Drivers should watch for hunters who may be walking along the side of the road.



Choosing an alternate route may require driving additional miles, but could save you time overall by avoiding expected delays on I-75. Motorists heading up north from the Metro Detroit and Flint areas should consider taking one of the following routes:

  • To areas north of Grayling: Take westbound I-69 to northbound US-127, then northbound I-75. Additional distance traveled: approximately 50 miles.
  • To areas south of Grayling: Take eastbound I-69 to northbound M-15, then westbound M-25 to northbound I-75. Additional distance traveled: approximately10 miles.


  • Southbound I-75 is shifted with all lanes open.
  • Northbound I-75 remains shifted with traffic detoured to northbound I-675.
  • Southbound I-675 remains closed just south of M-13/Jefferson Avenue (Exit 2) to accommodate ramp work. Exit 2 to downtown Saginaw remains open.
  • Southbound I-675 commercial vehicle traffic is detoured via northbound M-13, eastbound M-81, southbound Towerline Road, and westbound M-46. Passenger traffic is rerouted to southbound M-13, then eastbound M-46.
  • The M-81 ramps to I-75 are closed with traffic rerouted east to Towerline Road, then south to westbound M-46. The southbound I-75 ramp to M-81 remains open.
  • The M-13 ramps to I-75 remain closed. Commercial vehicles are detoured via southbound M-13, eastbound M-81, southbound Towerline Road, and westbound M-46. Passenger traffic is rerouted to southbound M-13, then to eastbound M-46.
  • The southbound I-675 on ramps at M-58 (State Street), Second Street, Sixth Street, and Veterans Memorial Park remain closed.
  • The existing detours will remain in effect at Adams Street.

Killer Tips for Taking Monster Whitetail Bucks

_52B326810 Killer Tips for Taking Monster Whitetail Bucks


  1. Taking Exceptional Deer Requires Using Exceptional Tactics. You won’t bag a trophy by using standard techniques that everyone else uses. In fact, it probably doesn’t even matter if there are big bucks in the area you hunt. The truth is that if you’re using all the normal tactics you won’t get the monster. The really BIG bucks are old bucks. They don’t grow old by falling prey to the normal tactics the majority of hunters use. Make sense? You must use big buck tactics to consistently bag big bucks. 
  2. You must hunt where big bucks live! Now don’t start groaning… it’s so obvious, yet how many days or seasons have you spent hunting in areas where you never saw a really big buck? Part of bagging a huge buck is maximizing your chances of finding one or more. You must realize that not all areas hold even one really big buck, let alone a few. But it is a fact that some parts of different counties in the country hold many large bucks within a given area due to quite a few factors. Things like cover, food sources and other nutrition, hunting pressure, and genetics play a huge role in finding areas that hold big bucks. If your own scouting, or the testimonies from trusted sources, can’t verify the existence of large bucks in the area then your chances are getting real slim for finding that monster buck. It is so obvious – but we sometimes deceive ourselves. We HOPE they’re there. If your overriding goal is to find that monster – you need to find out where they are and hunt there. You can’t shoot what doesn’t exist. 
  3. Be selective in what you shoot. Don’t shoot small bucks. Think about this – in most cases after you harvest your buck you’re done for the season – so if your goal is to shoot a monster why do you harvest a smaller one? Are you sold out to finding the really big one? If so, let the smaller ones go, let them mature into bigger bucks, and wait for your monster to appear. Most veteran hunters that shoot big bucks will tell you that the larger bucks follow the smaller ones out because the big ones are much more weary. That’s how they get to be monsters. If you’re satisfied with shooting a smaller buck than you set your goal to shoot, then you’re compromising and your interest and desire are lacking. One more thing on this tip: immature deer hunters don’t understand how the mature bucks think and end up taking the smaller bucks because of it. If you’re committed to taking the big one, don’t take the first buck you see unless it meets your goal. 
  4. You’ll find that big bucks will frequently have wet feet. Huh? Yep – find areas where there is a creek bottom or low-land wet areas such as a swamp and other wetlands. Talk to the experienced hunters who have shot big bucks…. most of them will tell you that big bucks like to frequent the heavy cover and are loners in these areas. They like the thick cover the wetlands produce because it gives them security. Also, deer are excellent swimmers. It is nothing for them to swim major rivers, let alone creeks and lakes. When pressure increases the big bucks head for cover. In fact, it is not unusual for islands in lakes to hold more than one large buck. You may have a hard time approaching them but many a survey has shown that they hide out there. 
  5. Stay away from the crowds and your hunting buddies in the field. Is the area you hunt frequented by lots of other hunters? Do you have to share access to these areas? The more human traffic in a given area the less chance you have of finding that big ole buck. Obviously, your odds drop quickly for finding trophy deer in a limited size area. Find an area more remote or that has limited access for others to use. You must think of increasing your odds if you’re going to find that big one and staying away from others in the field will help you do that. Be a loner when you hunt for big bucks. 
  6. Let the experienced and successful hunters be your role models. It’s no different than any sport or avocation. If you want to be great, if you want the big prize, if you really want that big buck you need to learn and do what other successful whitetail hunters have done to harvest their big bucks. While no situation is identical, remember that the 1% or 2% of the top deer hunters are very disciplined and have developed methods and skills that work consistently. They know and talk to others about deer locations, sightings, behavior, etc. Luck has helped some over time but by and large the hunters who take the big ones year after year know things you don’t. Or perhaps they are more persistent. 
  7. Big, Old Bucks are unique and you must adjust your hunting accordingly.Some say you have to treat them like a different animal or a different species if you’re going to take one. Besides being older, they’re wiser, heavier, more mellow, slower, and much more deliberate in their actions. The fact that they got to 4, 5, or 6 years old is an indication that they found a safe way to exist and avoid the hunters. These big boys won’t typically run at the slightest pressure – they may hold tight. The younger, less experienced bucks will flee and possibly run into another hunter. I’ve heard story after story about how smart the old bucks can be – they’ll swim, crawl, hold tight in cover, and use their natural color and stealth methods to avoid even the most experienced hunters. You must use different tactics for these big boys. Prepare to use every sense that you have and adjust your methods to maximize your odds of even seeing and shooting one. 
  8. Can you predict the actions of the buck you seek and can he predict or pattern your movements? No old buck is real predictable – it just doesn’t make sense that he’d live long if he was. So think outside the box, find him where he is and use great skill to locate and take him. In the same way, don’t you think that the real weary bucks can pattern you as you go to your stand or blind, as you make noise going through the woods, etc.? Avoid going to the same area a lot. Hunt different areas now and then. Big, old bucks learn and adjust. You must do the same. Change up your plan of attack, the way you enter an area, etc. 
  9. Hunt long and often. There is no exception to this rule. Big bucks are seldom taken by hunters who don’t spend lots of time in the field. If you only hunt a couple hours in the morning and a couple more in the evening you’re missing some of the best hours to bag a big buck! Lots of B+C bucks are taken in the late morning and noon hours. Surprised? While most hunters are heading to lunch at the local diner or taking a nap, the more successful hunter that is set on taking a large buck will stay in the field and be mindful that the big ones may be moving at this time. It’s not unusual for a big buck to be scared or pushed into other areas by hunters leaving in late morning. Also, during the rut lots of large bucks have been seen checking their scrapes during the noon hour. 
  10. And finally… flexibility is the key to success. If you’ve been hunting an area and haven’t seen any large bucks there’s a few reasons why. Could be your approach into the area, could be scent, could be your stand placement, etc. There’s an old saying that rings so true in these situations: “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results!” If you’re hunting the same stand season after season, if you’re not hunting long hours, if you have lots of hunting pressure in the area, etc….. then doing the exact same thing over and over isn’t likely to produce a big buck. If that area doesn’t hold big bucks you sure aren’t going to harvest a big buck there. Be flexible – change your tactics, change stand locations, do some more scouting, do some stalking, go into the area from a different direction. Hunt alone. Be stealthy. Study the area. Get maps of the area. Plan your attack. Figure out a way to hunt the heavy cover areas. Success comes to those who adjust their thinking, then their actions.




So there you have it. The 10 KILLER Tips above are real nuggets. Please take time to study each tip and truly assess where you’re at in your quest for that elusive buck. You will be rewarded over time for your diligence and attention to the details. Get out in the field, scout those areas, plan your approach and tactics. Be mindful of weather changes and other factors that will put deer on the move.




All the best with your hunting, Jack’s Sport Shop






Deer Hunting Checklist

_52B3062Jack’s Sport Shop has all your last minute needs for the firearm deer season that opens 11/15/. Stop at Jack’s Sport in Northern Michigan for everything a deer hunter needs to be ready for the hunt


Here is the official Deer Hunting Checklist from Jack’s Sport Shop.  Have you ever climbed into your treestand and reached into your pack for something important and then realized…I forgot the_____!  This is a checklist that was developed over decades of deer hunting.  We hope that the Jack’s Sport Shop Deer Hunting Checklist will serve as a tool to help you remember important items and improve your deer hunts.  Be safe, have fun, and shoot straight!


Deer Hunting Pre-Hunt to do’s


  • Buy License
  • Continue learning-articles, books, videos
  • Repair/Replace/Fix/Clean equipment
  • Sight in archery equipment or firearm
  • Practice shooting
  • Practice calling
  • Get permission or scout public land
  • Scout treestand locations
  • Treestands put up
  • Clear shooting lanes
  • Pre Plan-choose effective path to stand
  • Wash clothes
  • Store clothes
  • Organize gear

Deer Hunting Gear:


  • Bow/Crossbow/Firearm
  • Arrows
  • Broadheads (sharp)
  • Ammunition
  • Flashlight
  • Climbing Treestand
  • Treestand Harness
  • Tree steps/Ladders
  • Bungee cord
  • Ratchet strap
  • Weapon hoist
  • Bow/Equipment Hanger
  • Backpack
  • Water
  • Snacks
  • First aid kit
  • Cell phone (Charged)
  • Whistle/Signal mirror
  • Map
  • Compass/GPS (good batteries)
  • Knife
  • Flashlight/Headlamp
  • Folding saw
  • Scent masking spray
  • Optics
  • Lens Cloth
  • Range Finder
  • Wind direction finder (dental floss or powder)
  • Deer calls
  • Deer Scents
  • Deer decoy
  • Hand warmers

Deer Hunting Clothing:

  • Shirts
  • Pants
  • Thermal underwear
  • Belt
  • Socks
  • Boots
  • Hat (Blaze Orange or Camouflage)
  • Gloves
  • Jacket (Blaze Orange or Camouflage)
  • Rain Gear
  • Winter gear



After the Deer Harvest:

  • Trail tape
  • Pen/Pencil
  • String for license
  • Tag deer
  • Camera
  • Disposable gloves
  • Knife sharpener
  • Pelvic saw
  • Baby wipes
  • Small bag for liver and heart
  • Small bag for tarsal glands
  • Game bags
  • Deer drag
  • Deer cart

Thanks To All The Veteran’s

thankful-for-veteransJack’s Sport Shop appreciates all the Veteran’s on this day and Freedom is Not Free.


“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”





“I wish that you were here”
My wife whispers on the phone
Too many times
She has realized
That freedom is not free

“No go away, Daddy”
My little girl says
She’s barely two
But already knows
That freedom is not free

I have a little boy
Born three months ago
When I return
He’ll be near one
Since freedom is not free

My parents often worry
When I am away
They mourn for me
And what I miss
Since freedom is not free

There are children in this world
Rich and poor alike
Whose parents do
Not understand
That freedom is not free

There are men who face evil
For the sake of all
By their stand
We realize
That freedom is not free

There is a God Almighty
Nailed upon a cross
He paid the price
That we might live
For freedom is not free

Many days I am away
From those I love most
Yet I thank God
And carry on
For freedom is not free.


Jacks Sport Shop Buck Pole 2013


Jacks Sport Shop Buck Pole 2013 just 17mi from Traverse City in Northern Michigan

$5.00 Donation to kids trout pond to enter includes free hat!!

Contest runs from November 15th to November 30th

Buck Pole is located at Jacks Sport Shop

Call (231) 258-8892 for more detail

Jack’s Sport Shop Shelves Stocked With Ammunition!

Jacks Sport Shop in Northern Michigan just got a shipment of 30-30 and other hard to get deer rifle ammo along with great prices on boots and all your hunting suppliesammo2
22 LR From Left: Federal Premium Ultra Match, Remington Thunderbolts Hollow Points, CCI Velocitor Hollow Points, CCI Subsonic
We have both Target FMJ rounds and Personal Protection Hollow Points in stock

Here at the shop we currently have in stock all popular Handgun, Rifle, and Rimfire Ammunition.  Yes, that includes 45 ACP, 44 MAG, 40S&W9 MM, 38 SPL, 380 ACP, 22 LR, 22 WMR, 17 HMR, .223/5.56 NATO7.62×39, 7.62×54 R, 308 WIN, 30-06 SPRG, 300 WIN MAG, and many more!  Ammunition that is impossible to find elsewhere, we have in stock today, so hurry in before our shelves are empty.  Weekly Deliveries of Ammunition are coming in, so check in often for the hard to find calibers. We are located in Northern lower Michigan in the town of Kalkaska, centered between Traverse City, Grayling, Gaylord and Cadilac.ammo1

Jacks Sport Shop in Northern Michigan has the 2013 Darton Crossbows in stock.



Jacks Sport Shop in Northern Michigan has the 2013 Darton Crossbows in stock.

If you are looking for the complete package of quality, reliability, balance and performance, all at a good price, you’ll find everything you need right here. We suggest you follow your instincts and give DARTON CROSSBOWS a try! You’ll discover what thousands of your fellow sportsmen have in Northern Michigan that Darton crossbow are simply the best.

The Serpent is Darton’s AWARD WINNING and BEST SELLING CROSSBOW! The compact frame with a trigger forward design has raised the bar in crossbow evolution. Proven performance, feel and accuracy are what you get from this crossbow.