Darton Archery Viper SS Crossbow

Viper SS

Darton Archery Viper SS Crossbow  

Deadly Fast & Silent!

The Viper delivers satisfying performance with its modest 170 lbs. draw weight. You will find that most hunters won’t bother with a cocking aid because of its uniquely smooth power stroke. This compact and well balanced crossbow helps make shooting feel effortless. Like the Viper Extreme, enjoy the Quiet, Shock Resistant and Extremely Accurate shooting on your next hunting experience.

• Darton Trackless Barrel Design. Less friction on arrow = increased speed.

• New design Anti Dry Fire Safety.

• Positive limb alignment system for greater accuracy

• Equipped with an integrated riser/string suppressor system and Patented Barrel Dampener to help reduce noise and vibration. A new standard in low noise and shock.

• Sims LimbSaver® Technology

• Bowstring 36 3/8”, Power Cables 18 1/4”